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As a branding and portrait photographer, I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, capturing their unique personalities and brand identities through stunning visuals. With a passion for creative expression and an eye for detail, I've established myself as a leading professional in my field.

My journey as a photographer began with a natural talent for visual arts, which I honed over the years through hard work, dedication, and a thirst for knowledge. With my knowledge in photography and years of hands-on experience, I've developed a deep understanding of the technical aspects of my craft, from lighting and composition to editing and post-production.

I'm proud to say that my work has been recognized with awards and has been published in top-tier publications worldwide, including The New York Times. My images have also been featured in exhibitions and galleries across the globe, earning me international acclaim and recognition.

For me, every project is an opportunity to create something truly unique and memorable. I approach each shoot with an unwavering commitment to quality and creativity, and I take pride in my ability to connect with my subjects and capture their essence in every image.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring new places, trying new foods, and spending time with family and friends. I believe that every moment is an opportunity to learn, grow, and create, and I bring that philosophy to everything I do, both in my work and in my personal life.

Coffee lover, Taco aficionado, Movie Buff. I fell in love with the camera at a young age and add a glamour editorial twist to all my photos.






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My clients say:

When I first asked you to shoot I was really nervous. I had just got out of an abusive relationship and didn't have much self worth. I wanted to do something for myself and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. You gave me back something someone stole from me, my confidence. I felt like I knew you forever the first time I met you. You looked at me and said you don't know how beautiful you really are do you? I replied no, and you slowly showed me. You are not just a great photographer, you are great person.

Working with Casey Foto was a blast! I appreciated the relaxed vibe and his sense of humor while shooting. More than anything I loved that Casey communicated with me on outfits and shoot ideas. Being comfortable with a photographer is so important and Casey is definitely super comfortable to work with. Thank you again for traveling to work with me!!!

I cannot say enough great things about Casey. When I was doing research for a photographer for my Christmas single I knew I wanted focus on one particular thing…eyes. Since the photo would be like a headshot I knew I wanted the eyes to be a key feature and the eyes on Casey’s work speak for themselves. His attention to detail is incredible. During the shoot I felt extremely comfortable and supported and Casey gave me plenty of ideas when I would get nervous in front of the camera. Afterward, picking 5 photos was ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. But we managed to pick our favorites and he told me he would begin editing. Not even a week went by and Casey had delivered my photos ON MY BIRTHDAY. He put in the extra hours to make that moment of seeing my photos even more special than it already was. If you’re looking for someone to make you feel beautiful and deliver photos where that shines through, look no further than Casey. It’s an honor having his photo as my cover for the single and I can’t wait to work with him again!

— Crystal HAYES

— kristen brown

— Amanda Sheppard

MANTECA — California

rocklin — California

Reno — Nevada

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