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Preserving Emotions, Eternalizing Connections.

Fine art photographers possess a keen eye for composition, light, and detail, allowing them to create visually striking images that engage the viewer's emotions and imagination. They often explore unconventional themes, experiment with different techniques, and push the boundaries of traditional photography. Each fine art photographer brings their own distinctive style, voice, and artistic sensibility to their work, making their images truly unique and reflective of their individuality as artists.

I'm a self taught Fine Art Portrait photographer, based in Utah. I'm a taco AFICIONADO, a student of art and a father.

I’m Casey

The person behind the lens

A Fine art portrait photographer with a glamour approach, based in

Lehi, Utah

My work is an expression of what I see in others: instilling confidence through the art of human interaction. I see beauty in everything, everyone. Do you feel the same way?

My only rule is

B&W photo young woman posing in jeans

Expressions in Focus, Stories in Every Frame.

Lavender Farm

All relationships are built on trust and common values. I want us to connect.

My photoshoot with Casey was fun and easy, I got explicit instructions and I knew what was expected from the very beginning. The entire process from beginning to end was well organized and he was very prepared. When I decided on doing a photoshoot with Casey I was impressed with the quality and style of his work, plus he respected that I did not want to show as much skin as some of the other shoots he’s done and I felt that he understood my needs and what I wanted from the shoot. While we were shooting I was like “100% yes.” When he delivered the photos I was very impressed and giddy. I knew they would look good, but I was genuinely impressed with the results. I felt like the goddess queen I thought I was lol. I love how he made me feel confident and energized because he did a such good job verbally communicating instructions. I was so in love with the results. I would do it again and again. Photoshoots can be tiring, but Casey made the entire shoot a fun experience.

Mayra Landeros

Salt Lake City, Utah